Effective as of 29 October 2019

Test Rules and Regulations


To ensure the integrity and fairness of online test, OCT has established and maintains the following rules and regulations:

Test Rules

  1. You must be the person who registered the OCT account by which you use to register for and take tests. Each account can only register for one test at a time. You must not use an account that does not belong to you for any reason.
  2. Once test registration is confirmed, there will be NO REFUNDS and you may not change your test, extend or cancel your registration.
  3. You are required to enter valid and updated information to all required fields in Profile page when starting the test. Information required is for identity authentication, Competency Report and Certificate use. We are not responsible for and assume no liability for any mistakes made on your part.
  4. For the specification and standard of the test, personal information will appear on the digital competency report and digital certificate. Please be careful to fill out confirm you personal information is correct when you register an account and before the first test. If you need to modify your personal information after the test, please send an application email and related supporting document to contact@octtest.org, and pay the US$19.99 handling fee for each modification.
  5. You may not share any of the test’s contents with other current or prospective test-takers, or make them publicly available.
  6. You are responsible for your own study and preparation for the test. No specific set of courses or curriculum of study is mandatory as part of the process. 

Test Regulations

1. Tests must be taken within 7 days after registration. If you don’t take the test, it will be marked as incomplete and no refund will be made. If your test is suspended and the suspension period is longer than the remaining start time, contact us by sending us an email at contact@octtest.org.

2. To start the test, allow OCT access to microphone and camera is required. Once started, the test cannot be paused or restarted for any reason.

3. OCT possesses 3-steps identity authentication:

  • Upload or take a profile picture
  • Take a photo to verify identity in profile picture
  • Use facial recognition during the test to confirm identity. If the identity in above steps does not match or failed to be authenticated, you are not allowed to start the test and can result in test suspension or termination.

4. Profile Picture

Your photo must look like a passport or driver’s license photo. Specifically, it must be a clear, color photograph of the head and taken within 1 year; in front of a plain white or off-white background; with a neutral facial expression (preferred) or a natural smile and both eyes open. You cannot wear headphones or wireless-hands free devices and hat or head covering (except for religious purposes).

5. Name

Enter your first and last names exactly as they appear on your government-issued ID. If you have multiple first and last names on your ID, enter all of those names. Your middle name is not requested. Names can only contain letters, spaces, hyphens, periods or apostrophes. A hyphen, period or apostrophes cannot be the first or last character.

6. The following circumstances happened during the test will result in test suspension and termination:

  • Face and voice recognition failed
  • Network unstable or disconnected
  • Exited or Quitted the app

You are given 3 attempts to resume test for all above circumstances and redo the question where you were left off. Resume test success will be marked as 1 attempt used and the test will be automatically resuming in 10 seconds. The test will be terminated and marked as cancelled when all attempts failed.

7. Digital Competency Report

OCT will provide digital Competency Report generated for your OCT test for free. You will be able to preview and download it around 15 minutes for the tests Level 1 to 6 and 7days for the tests Level 7 and 8, after the entire completion of tests.

8. Digital Certificate

You are eligible for Digital Certificate if score 60% or above. You have to pay the US $10 handling fee for each digital certificate provided by OCT. Please make sure that your registration email is correct and valid and send the application and the payment receipt of your digital certificate as an attachment to our customer service email contact@octtest.org. We will send the digital certificate in PDF format to your email address within 60 days after receiving the payment.

Digital Certificates and test results remain valid for 2 years after test date. The QR code on certificate is used to check its authenticity. After the validity period, test takers must provide proof of their oral Chinese proficiency has remained the level they have achieved to academic institutions, government agencies, professional bodies or employers. Test takers can also retake the test.

9. Mock Test

OCT Mock Test is the effective way to understand about how OCT Test works and helps on preparation for OCT Test. OCT Mock Test will not generate Digital Competency Report and Digital Certificate.

10. Test Results Appeal

If you believe your test result is not accurately reflecting your performance, email us at contact@octtest.org to request an appeal application form. You will have to submit the appeal form and pay the US$25 handling fee within 90 days after test date. OCT Certification Board will email you with the decision of your appeal within 30 working days after your submission and the decision is final.

If you violate any of these rules and regulations, OCT reserves the right to invalidate your test results or other consequences depending on the severity of the violation.