Frequently Asked Questions

What is OCT?
OCT stands for Oral Chinese Test. The only official online oral Chinese (Mandarin) test certified by the Confucius Institute Headquarters.
How much is OCT?
Each test of OCT level 1 to 8 varies from US$20 to US$60. The Digital Competency Report is included. Each Digital Certificate provided by OCT will be charged the US$10 handling fee.
What is the OCT Mock Test?How much is it?
OCT Mock Test is the effective way to understand about how OCT Test works and helps on preparation for OCT Test. OCT Mock Test will not generate Digital Competency Report and Digital Certificate. Each Mock Test only costs around one fifth of the OCT test price of corresponding Level.
Who should take OCT?
Mandarin learners. OCT provides an easy start and a step by step assessment path for non-native Mandarin learners of different age groups. OCT also helps identify and improve weaknesses of test takers’ Mandarin ability. Students should take OCT to achieve learning objectives and academic success. Professionals can evaluate their oral Chinese proficiency through career-oriented assessments of OCT Application Stage and prove their ability at workplace.
Which level of OCT should I take?
OCT levels align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale. Take the level best suitable for your Mandarin ability.
What is the OCT passing mark?
Test takers must score 60% or above overall to pass the test and obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in Oral Chinese. All test takers will receive the six-dimensional competency report.
What makes OCT authoritative?
OCT is an international standardized online test of Mandarin Chinese certified by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and recognized by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The OCT certificate is authorized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. As bridges to HSKK, OCT levels connect test takers to HSKK to further their Mandarin ability.
Who have taken OCT?
More than 10,000 students and professionals have taken OCT. Take the advantage of the one and only OCT online platform to test your Mandarin proficiency anytime, anywhere.
How to modify the personal information on the digital competency report or digital certificate?
For the specification and standard of the test, personal information will appear on the digital competency report and digital certificate. Please be careful to fill out confirm you personal information is correct when you register an account and before the first test. If you need to modify your personal information after the test, please send an application email and related supporting document to, and pay the US$19.99 handling fee for each modification.
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