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Authorized Training Partners

Oral Chinese Test (OCT) partners with leading global coporations and international organizations who share our mission to improve learning and teaching through testing. Authorized Training Partner is accredited to offer OCT preparation courses and/or related services.

BMI Professional Training Centre Limited (BMIPTC) is a professional education organization. We dedicate to provide different professional training courses which can help the students to obtain professional qualifications. Also, we provide the professional instructors with extensive experience. This can help our students to acquire the latest industry information, improve their knowledge and competitiveness.
With globalization comes the need for increased communication. MandarinX strives to help bridge the gap between cultures by facilitating the communication process. An increased demand means a growing number of opportunities for dedicated individuals willing to devote their time to learning this complex language with a rich history and deep cultural roots.
The Institute of Chinese Language and Culture sets the global standard in Mandarin Chinese tuition & provides language learning that boosts brain power, linguistic & cognitive ability and cultural understanding in adults & children of all ages. With expert, fast & effective online tuition; we empower adult learners of all levels to rapidly boost their Mandarin skills & proficiency, enabling them to speak, understand & communicate in Mandarin. We also develop young learners linguistic skills, cultural awareness & critical thinking whilst providing them with the tools to communicate and excel on a global stage by learning Mandarin Chinese.
Modern language school that aims to help people of all ages learn languages, such as Mandarin, using innovative methods, and appreciate them as living organisms rather than just academic subjects. With the help of smartphones, software and of course, the Internet, Janus Academy's method will help you to acquire any language with ease and start speaking from day one. 

Helping partners thrive and communites prosper. Oral Chinese Test (OCT) connects with corporations, government organizations, educational institutions, and private firms to deliver our test services.

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